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The use of solar energy for water heating

Solar Water Heater
The sun - the center of our system of 8 planets (not counting the small ones, such as Pluto, Ceres, etc.), is the primary and main source of energy in our system
of planets. As a large fusion reactor, singling out a tremendous amount of energy, it warms the Earth, set in motion and the upper atmosphere, ocean currents
and rivers. Sunlight and through photosynthesis, the planet grows about one quadrillion tons of plants, which in their turn, life, 10 trillion tons of animal ...
Liquid solar collectors for heating and solar water heater vodocnabzheniya is a specialized teploobemnik that converts solar energy into heat and transfers it liquid
- water moving within the channel of the absorbing panels (absorber) of the collector.
Of course, the solar collectors are considered the main component of solar heating systems or domestic solar water heaters in their composition is used for
provisioning warm water of dwellings, industrial, agricultural and municipal schemes of the central solar heating system with natural heat storage

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Solar energy from Russia